Easy Automation and GlobalVetLINK Announce VFD Integration

by | May 11, 2016 | News | 0 comments

GlobalVetLINK (GVL®) announced today the integration of Easy Automation’s Feed Office Enterprise (FOE) Software with GVL’s FeedLINK® Electronic Veterinary Feed Directive solution.

With this integration, feed mill professionals can manage orders, formulas, inventory, pricing and VFD validity through a single software platform.

“The feed industry has concerns about how they’re going to change their processes and stay compliant with the Veterinary Feed Directive rule,” stated Cliff Smith, GVL Chief Executive Officer. “GVL’s integration with Easy Automation’s software offers feed professionals a single solution to manage, track and store their feed and VFD information.”

FOE will feature a software module that assists manufacturers and producers in staying complaint with the FDA’s new VFD regulations by notifying whether or not there is a valid VFD for a specific order at the time of creation. This automatic verification limits both the time and errors of an operator using the system.

GVL’s web-based FeedLINK eVFD system manages Veterinary Feed Directive fulfillment, tracking and storage.

“We are very excited about this partnership and are always looking to provide solutions for our customers as they face regulatory or operational changes,” said Chris Gaalswyk, President of Easy Automation Inc. “Staying on top of the industry and our customer’s needs is something that drives us as a company and is also something that we take great pride in.”

To learn more about Easy Automation’s FOE software, visit www.easy-automation.com.

To learn more about GVL’s FeedLINK eVFD system, visit www.globalvetlink.com.

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About GlobalVetLINK
GlobalVetLINK (GVL) was founded in 2001 and is the nation’s leader in digital animal health records, providing intuitive online certification solutions that enable animal health practitioners to quickly and accurately create professional health records. Their services embrace both companion and food animal where animal health practitioners and their clients can manage their records at any time and from anywhere with Internet access. The GVL system uniquely connects veterinarians, animal owners, animal diagnostic laboratories, industry partners, and government officials to improve overall animal wellness and safety. GlobalVetLINK services support animal health practitioners to establish protocols that will help improve their business in all aspects including saving money and time. For more information, go to www.globalvetlink.com.

About Easy Automation Inc.
Easy Automation Inc. (EAI) based in Welcome, Minnesota, specializes in serving the feed automation needs of commercial and farm customers. EAI designs, manufactures, and markets computerized mill automation systems, feed manufacturing equipment, and various management and ERP software for the feed industry. Accurate reports are available for everything from drug records to inventory levels and feed usage by group, barn, etc. These reports provide documented assurance that feed for animals used for consumer consumption is produced in a safe manner. Our mill automation systems pair total value with reliable results. EAI is one of the largest suppliers of automation technology to the feed industry in North America, servicing thousands of customers world-wide. EAI provides the only totally integrated solution from one supplier.