FeedLINK Expands VFD Drug Options with Elanco’s Kavault

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In January, GlobalVetLINK (GVL®) added Kavault® to its FeedLINK® electronic Veterinary Feed Directive (eVFD) system. Kavault is a new swine antibiotic from Elanco Animal Health for reduction in incidence and overall severity of diarrhea in the presence of pathogenic Escherichia coli in groups of weaned pigs that is only available with a VFD.

Elanco has partnered with GVL since the FeedLINK system was launched in 2005. The addition of Kavault to FeedLINK provides veterinarians, producers and feed distributors with a complete solution for compliance with FDA guidance.

“Kavault is a first-in-class, animal use-only antibiotic to be used under the supervision of a veterinarian when nursery pigs are most vulnerable and E. coli can cause significant performance loss and even death,” said Dr. Thomas Marsteller, director of swine technical consulting for Elanco. “Having an electronic VFD option for Kavault makes compliance with this important new treatment option much easier for the industry.”

FeedLINK powered by GVL SmartEngine™ technology is a web-based system that streamlines fulfillment, tracking and storage of VFDs. Once a VFD is completed, the veterinarian can sign it and immediately email a copy to the producer for record keeping and the feed manufacturer for fulfillment. Feed distributors can now have their own account to access and store the VFDs they have received.

“Practitioners have used FeedLINK for over ten years to prescribe VFD drugs for swine and cattle,” said Cliff Smith, GVL Chief Executive Officer. “Vets are preparing for additional VFD drugs in 2017, and FeedLINK is recognized by the industry as the only fully operational, complete electronic VFD solution.”

Patent-pending GVL SmartEngine technology, which powers the FeedLINK system, ensures that the vet inputs the correct information – species, production class, drug specifications – when creating a VFD and verifies the entire certificate for accuracy, completeness and compliance.

To learn more about the FeedLINK eVFD System, visit GlobalVetLINK.com.

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