MetaFarms Platform to Interface with GVL FeedLINK Electronic VFD System

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GVL® and MetaFarms, Inc. announced today their plans to interface the MetaFarms livestock production platform with GVL’s FeedLINK® Electronic Veterinary Feed Directive (eVFD) system.

“As the countdown nears on VFD rules taking effect, we’re taking a lead role in providing producers and vets with a more automated solution,” says Brian Parker, MetaFarms VP of Market Development. “Bringing production data together with VFD compliance will also give our clients increased visibility to measure the impact those prescriptions have on performance.”

MetaFarms delivers a fully integrated suite of products to manage livestock production from breed to market and actively tracks 700,000 Sows and 14.6 million Finish pigs. GVL’s FeedLINK web-based system streamlines fulfillment, tracking and storage of VFDs. Practitioners have created tens of thousands of VFDs through FeedLINK over the last ten years.

“With confusion remaining in the industry around VFDs, we’re doing everything we can to help ease compliance,” added Cliff Smith, GVL Chief Executive Officer. “By interfacing our FeedLINK electronic VFD system with MetaFarms’ software platform, we are helping swine and poultry producers meet regulation requirements through one seamless solution.”

The interface is included as part of MetaFarms’ Assurance module. In order to issue a VFD through FeedLINK, users must have an authorized GVL account.

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