Timeline for Federal Antimicrobial Policy

by | Jun 8, 2015 | News | 0 comments

Today Drover’s CattleNetwork published a timeline to help explain the FDA’s Veterinary Feed Directive rule that was released last week. The timeline goes back to April 2012, when the FDA issued Guidance for Industry 209, and extends through December 2016, which is the target date for full implementation of Guidance 213. GlobalVetLINK is easing the concern that has come from these VFD changes with the FeedLINK® solution. GVL’s FeedLINK solution is the only digital VFD solution that has been used by veterinarians across the country, who have already written thousands of certificates. This digital VFD system allows easy and accurate compliance for all stakeholders affected by the VFD ruling. For more information on the timeline of this VFD rule implementation, read the full article here, and for more information on FeedLINK, visit www.globalvetlink.com, or call 515-817-5703.