Unified Cattle Identification Remains An Elusive Goal

by | Jul 7, 2014 | News | 0 comments

Last week Drover’s Cattle Network released an article focusing on unified cattle identification and its puzzling future. Starting off the article, the vulnerability that the cattle industry faces against unforeseen biosecurity issues was discussed. This vulnerability, in turn, has led to the goal of seamless animal identification. The article states, “If animals are assigned a unique number and maintain that number for life, the potential to track a disease is enhanced if an appropriate program is available. Thus the individual number is one aspect of animal identification, but the system or process that the number is used with is equally important.†But, this database that can record and process these animal identifications is still unknown, and although there have not been any recent issues with animal identification, change is inevitable. This fall, GlobalVetLINK plans to provide a free webinar to help discuss the importance of animal traceability, and provide a resource that may aid this process. For more on this article, read here, and be sure to keep an eye out for more information from GlobalVetLINK coming this fall for the free animal traceability webinar.