Veterinary Feed Records

New FeedLINK VFD System Feature

Electronic Veterinary Feed Records (VFRs)

The GlobalVetLINK  (GVL®)  FeedLINK electronic Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) system provides veterinarians, feed distributors and producers with an easy-to-use solution for VFD compliance.

Beginning January 1, 2017, many of the antibiotics used for production will require a VFD from a veterinarian. Many vets and producers would like to start tracking their use of these transition products now as a way to prepare for the coming changes and get used to the VFD process.

However, due to FDA restrictions, VFDs can only be written for current VFD drugs. This means that future VFD drugs cannot be listed in FeedLINK until that date.

In response to this need, GlobalVetLINK added a Veterinary Feed Record (VFR) feature in the FeedLINK system, which allows users to manage non-VFD, feed grade antibiotics.

Veterinary Feed Records (VFRs)

  • Offer an option to “practice” writing VFDs for those unfamiliar with process
  • Track use of non-VFD, feed-grade antimicrobials to demonstrate judicious use
  • Help users create and develop their VFD process and communication chain
  • Strengthen evidence of Vet Client Patient Relationship (VCPR)

Adding VFRs to FeedLINK offers veterinarians, feed mills and producers a complete feed-grade antibiotic record system.

We are continuously working with our animal health company partners to add all non-VFD, feed-grade antibiotics in the system. To see a list of the current VFR dugs listed in the system, click here (pdf).

FeedLINK is an easy to use web-based software application that provides end-to-end management of Veterinary Feed Directives, by streamlining the fulfillment and tracking of VFDs, ultimately assisting with accuracy and compliance of approved labels and compliance with data retention requirements of the VFD rule.


  • 2 year record retention, storage, and search VFDs
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant system
  • Easy to use, limited need for training
  • GVL SmartEngine technology enables veterinarians to produce valid VFDs, eliminating most common errors
  • Easily integrated with key business software systems, streamlining the management of VFDs for veterinarians, feed mills, and producers