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At GVL, we bring passion and innovation to empower veterinarians to safeguard the health and well-being of animals worldwide.

Our software platform assists nearly 12,000 veterinarians in the US and Canada with their government and industry regulatory needs for the movement and health of animals and animal specimens.

We’re also proud to be a trusted, approved ECVI vendor.

Recent Update: GVL Identifier in XML Data Files

We heard you – GVL Identifier added to XML data files

GVL data in XML data files will now have an unique identifier.

Our integration partners have been advised of the upcoming change to provide a smooth transition.

Although this is not required in the XML data standards, GVL has chosen to add this feature based on your feedback, to allow you to easily identify GVL data within the XML file.

SAHO Resources

ADT Reporting

Our quarterly data summaries for ADT reporting requirements, a free service for state animal health officials, is now available for download in the GVL platform.

Federal Accreditation

We require veterinarian users to have current information (last name and/or NAN) based on the National Veterinary Accreditation Program (NVAP) website in order to sign CVIs, EIA tests, EECVIs and international health certificates.

Built-in State Rules

​​​We update movement requirements based on your state rules website. These built-in movement requirements in GVL help veterinarians quickly create accurate, compliant health certificates. Your state rules appear in the GVL platform and on our interstate movement site.

7001 Forms

So many states no longer accept USDA APHIS 7001 forms as a valid health certificate, due to security concerns. We put together this information and resource for veterinarians to help them know their options for a valid, secure CVI with GVL.

Extended Equine CVIs

Acceptance of EECVI six month equine health certificates continues to grow among states. Veterinarians create an EECVI in GVL and submit it to their state animal health official, and provide owners with online access to retrieve their travel permits 24/7.

SAHO Account Overview

Need a refresher on how to navigate your GVL account, or just want an overview of the latest platform updates? Watch a brief training session with our customer onboarding team to learn more about your SAHO account in GVL.

AgMove CVI

GVL now provides customer and technical support for AgMove CVI (previously called AgView CVI). We’ve answered your most common questions in our help center.

SAHO Appreciation

On the GVL blog, our product manager, Stacey Noe, describes the updates we’ve made to our software platform to help SAHOs do their job more efficiently.

GVL University

GVL University provides free educational courses and a platform to practice creating digital animal health and movement documents, open to everyone who wants to learn.

GVL Webinars

At GVL, we strive to provide education and awareness to the industry on relevant topics – from new regulations affecting animal health to solutions for helping ease interstate movement of animals. We facilitate webinars with thought leaders from the industry, often providing AAVSB RACE continuing education to help veterinarians and their staff meet their needs.

Digital Animal Health with GVL

MyVetLink Animal Owner Account

Provide your clients with an online account for 24/7 access to their certificates and records.

Veterinary Feed
Directives (VFDs)

Maintain compliance, ensure accuracy and manage storage of VFDs.

Rabies Vaccination Certificates

More digital pet health records and documentation in one platform.

Veterinary Prescriptions

Simplify your prescription process and standardize your formatting.

For Sale Documents

Provide an easy-to-use, streamlined solution for intrastate sale documents.

Swine Diagnostic Results and Analysis

Consolidate veterinary diagnostics from multiple labs and analyze the results with robust charting features.

International Pet Movement

Simple international movement of cats and dogs without the worry.

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