10 reasons going digital is essential for veterinary practices (it’s not just about COVID-19)

by Rebecca Haugland | February 9, 2021

There’s more to the greater demand for digital services than just COVID-19 safety.

On the Patterson Veterinary blog, we explain 10 reasons why going digital is essential for veterinary practices.

Here are the highlights if you don’t want to read the whole article. (Click the button below or the image on the right if you do.)

  1. But first, COVID-19 safety
  2. Less trips to the vet
  3. Multiple animals on one travel document
  4. Multiple destinations for frequent travelers
  5. No lost or damaged certificates
  6. Changing requirements for events
  7. Preventing unnecessary delays
  8. Compliance with state requirements
  9. Easing your caseload
  10. Digital is here to stay