Connected clients are happy clients. Set them up with MyVetLink

by Rebecca Haugland | May 6, 2020

Our customer success team has been getting a lot of recent questions from customers about how get their clients started with a MyVetLink account.

We’re highlighting our best training resources in this blog, including helpful information for veterinarians, clients and agents (someone who manages a client’s animal).

MyVetLink provides 24/7 online access to digital animal health certificates and records, so your clients never lose their documents.

With MyVetLink, clients can:

  • Access health certificates, rabies, EIA tests and other animal records
  • Message you to ask questions or request services
  • Search interstate movement requirements for compliant travel

Resources for Veterinarians

MyVetLink Overview

Overview of how MyVetLink accounts work and how to grant MyVetLink access to clients.

Granting/Revoking MyVetLink Access

Quick video showing only how to grant and revoke MyVetLink access.

Agent Account Overview

Shows Agent account from owner and veterinarian perspective.

Linking Animals to Agent

Quick demo of how to link animals to agent.

Resources for Clients / Owners

MyVetLink Owner Account Registration

How to sign up for an owner account

MyVetLink Overview

Overview of MVL account

EECVI – Viewing/Creating Trips

Video overview of EECVIs and how to add trips/view travel permits

Resources for Agents

MyVetLink Agent Account Overview

Agent account from agent and veterinarian perspective

MyVetLink – Agent Account Registration

How to register for a MVL Agent account