GlobalVetLINK Adds GVL SmartEngine™ Technology to Systems

by Rebecca Haugland | December 11, 2015

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Animal health practitioners and owners face growing challenges in maintaining compliance with state livestock movement requirements. GlobalVetLINK’s new, patent-pending GVL SmartEngine™ technology helps eliminate the burden of regulatory compliance.

System users now have the ability to look up state import and animal disease traceability (ADT) requirements and automatically verify them in one place to ensure compliance in all areas. GlobalVetLINK is working closely with state animal health officials to ensure accurate requirements are presented to users. Currently over 35% of the states’ import requirements are available through GVL SmartEngine.

“Having interstate movement requirements available within the GVL systems take the guesswork out of creating animal health documents,” explained Kaylen Henry, product manager at GlobalVetLINK.

The first major implementation of GVL SmartEngine technology is within HealthLINK® digital animal health certification system. After a period of beta testing with a group of select users, HealthLINK Powered by GVL SmartEngine is now available for all customers.

“We’ve designed the HealthLINK system to guide users through an intuitive user interface to help them create the certificate,” added Henry, “And then allow them to ensure it is accurate and meets all state import requirements.”

Once they click “verify,” customers will see a list of what requirements the certificate fulfills and what is missing. There are also notes that help clarify requirements.

The GVL SmartEngine enhancement will have no immediate fee increase to users. Additionally, powered by GVL SmartEngine released earlier this year by GVL continues to provide interstate movement rules as a free resource to the industry.

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GlobalVetLINK (GVL®) was founded in 2001 and is the nation’s leader in digital animal health records, providing intuitive online certification solutions that enable animal health practitioners to quickly and accurately create professional health records. Their services embrace both companion and food animal where animal health practitioners and their clients can manage their records at any time and from anywhere with Internet access. The GVL® system uniquely connects veterinarians, animal owners, animal diagnostic laboratories, industry partners, and government officials to improve overall animal wellness and safety. GlobalVetLINK services support animal health practitioners to establish protocols that will help improve their business in all aspects including saving money and time.

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