What is GVL SmartEngine technology?

by Rebecca Haugland | February 21, 2019

Doctor veterinarian at clinic.

Save Time. Ensure Compliance.

GVL® SmartEngine™ technology was introduced to GVL’s platform in 2015, but the technology was part of the company’s vision long before. The concept of requirements built into the system has always been part of GVL’s plan. The built-in SmartEngine technology is what makes GVL’s digital animal health solutions truly different from paper forms, fillable PDFs and other electronic certificate products.

Developed with the veterinarian in mind, GVL SmartEngine technology saves time and frustration by making health certificate and Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) creation as easy as possible, while ensuring that the completed health certificates and VFDs are accurate and compliant with requirements.

GVL SmartEngine technology is available only in GVL systems. Simply put, it helps the veterinarian select or input the correct information when creating a health certificate or VFD, and then verifies the entire certificate for accuracy, completeness and compliance.

When creating a health certificate or VFD in a paper form or a fillable pdf, a veterinarian must provide the information needed from memory or by looking it up and then checking it over for accuracy. For example, specific state-to-state movement requirements or whether a VFD drug can be used in combination with other antibiotics.

GVL SmartEngine helps the veterinarian through the creation process by holding this information within the system and presenting the correct options. Following completion of the certificate, it checks the document for accuracy and ensures the use of valid data. If something is missing or found to be incorrect, SmartEngine identifies the errors to the veterinarian.

Ultimately, GVL SmartEngine technology reduces inaccuracies and saves time spent reviewing documents and following up with compliance issues. This improves efficiency while easing the minds of veterinarians, feed manufacturers, producers and state animal health officials.

Unique SmartEngine technology is used in GVL’s digital Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVIs / health certificates) and VFDs. The technology also powers GVL’s public animal movement requirements look-up web portal, AnimalRegs.com.


Health Certificates / CVIs

With digital health certificates in the GVL platform, users have the ability to look up state import and animal disease traceability (ADT) requirements and automatically verify them in one place to ensure the health certificate is compliant in all areas. This eliminates the process of trying to locate and verify the most recent requirements for each state. When health certificates (CVIs) are completed in the GVL platform, documents are submitted to animal health officials immediately and available to animal owners in real-time through MyVetLINK.


Veterinary Feed Directives (VFDs)

When creating a VFD in the GVL platform, veterinarians can only select the combinations of information (species, production class, indication and approved combinations) that are compliant with the drug labels. When choosing the VFD drug, users can search by company, product (brand name or active ingredient) or indication of use to find what they are looking for. For example, if the user typed any of the terms “Elanco,” “tilmicosin,” “bovine” or “respiratory disease” into the drug search field, Pulmotil® would appear as an option to select. After the drug selection, SmartEngine presents the legal options for indication of use, dosage, stage of production, combination products and expiration date. Once the VFD is completed, the veterinarian can sign it and immediately email a copy to the producer for record keeping and the feed manufacturer for fulfillment. With the addition of more VFD products to manage in January 2017, SmartEngine technology helps simplify the creation and management of electronic VFDs.