New HealthLINK® Launched

by Rebecca Haugland | June 24, 2013

GlobalVetLINK Releases the NEW HealthLINK® eCVI System
Welcome to a Simpler CVIAmes, Iowa (June 24th, 2013) GlobalVetLINK (GVL®), the leader in digital solutions for animal health, announces the release of the NEW HealthLINK® Digital Animal Health Certification System. After gathering customers’ feedback, GVL set out to further streamline the electronic Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (eCVI) process for veterinarians. The new system will help increase efficiency and reduce overall time spent creating and managing eCVIs.
The new enhancements to the HealthLINK system are substantial and include a streamlined, more mobile-friendly user interface and faster system. The capability of electronically tracking CVIs, which ultimately eases the burden of paperwork, provides an efficient means for meeting Animal Disease Traceability (ADT) requirements while providing animal owners with a reliable, electronically accessible document for travel.
New and improved features include:
All of the user feedback participants said that the new HealthLINK® system would significantly reduce the amount of time they spend managing their CVIs. Tina Omelian of MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. stated, “The new system looks so much faster and is going to make my job a lot easier when we get into the busy season†.For more information about improvements in the NEW HealthLINK system, visit (GVL®) was founded in 2001 and is the nation’s leader in electronic animal health records, providing intuitive online certification solutions that enable animal health practitioners to quickly and accurately create professional health records. Their services embrace both companion and food animal where animal health practitioners and their clients can manage their records at any time and from anywhere with Internet access. The GVL® system uniquely connects veterinarians, animal owners, animal diagnostic laboratories, industry partners, and government officials to improve overall animal wellness and safety. GlobalVetLINK services support animal health practitioners to establish protocols that will help improve their business in all aspects including saving money and time.Media Contact: Amy Yarnell
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