Riverside Animal Hospital, GVL Customer of the Month

by Rebecca Haugland | October 14, 2020

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Meet the Staff


Dr. Anna Portnoy, Chief of Staff

Dr. Courtleigh R. Watson

Dr. Nicole Gilmore

Veterinary Technicians

Amy, Vet Tech

Emily, Vet Asst/Tech

Francesca, Vet Asst/Tech

Jen, Vet Tech

Megan, Vet Asst/Tech

Other Staff

Donna, Customer Care Specialist

Evelyn, Customer Care Specialist

Krista, Hospital Manager

Lisa, Customer Care Specialist

Nicole, Customer Care Specialist

About Riverside Animal Hospital

Riverside Animal Hospital provides medical and surgical services for companion pets and large animals in Riverside, Rhode Island and surrounding communities.

“Our team is committed to providing quality veterinary care throughout the life of your dog, cat, exotic pet or large animal,” says Dr. Ann Portnoy, Chief of Staff at Riverside Animal Hospital. “We understand the special role your pet plays in your family and are dedicated to becoming your partner in your pet’s health care.”

As a full-service animal hospital, clients can visit Riverside Animal Hospital for pet exams, vaccines, spays, neuters, dentistry, livestock medicine, and more. In addition to veterinary care, they offer a full-service cat and dog boarding facility, laser therapy treatments and acupuncture.

Providing Needed International Support

One of the services that Riverside Animal Hospital provides its clients with is international pet movement documentation.

“When clients need to travel outside of the US with their pets, they rely on us to help make sure they get where they need to go safely,” Dr. Portnoy said.

Dr. Portnoy explains that international travel with pets can be challenging, due to the documentation needed and the varying requirements for each destination country.

“There are clinics that won’t even provide international service to clients because it’s always been such pain,” she added. “But we have clients who are moving back to their home country, and it’s such an important service to provide.”

Dr. Watson, Dr. Portnoy and Dr. Gilmore, Riverside Animal Hospital

While Dr. Portnoy has completed the UDSA paper forms in the past, she now uses GVL to complete the international documentation digitally. Not only does she say it’s easier for them, but they can also service their clients better.

“With government forms, we had to fill them all out by hand and it could take weeks to find out if there was a problem that we needed to fix,” commented Dr. Portnoy. “Now with GVL, we know right away if something’s wrong and we can fix it immediately. It’s so much better.”

With the GVL platform, users create, validate and share compliant documents for international travel with cats and dogs from the USA. We’ve done the work of understanding international travel documents, researching each country’s requirements, ensuring our documents are valid and accurate and gathering the resources you need.

“The last thing we want is for a client to get stuck at the airport because of an issue with their documents,” said Dr. Portnoy. “It’s critical that we get all of the paperwork done quickly and correctly, and GVL makes this so much easier.”

When creating international pet movement documents, GVL guides you through the process and requirements based on the destination country.

“We think it’s really important to provide clients with international support, and this service that GVL provides is so helpful,” Dr. Portnoy added. “I would absolutely recommend GVL to another veterinarian.”

Thank you to Riverside Animal Hospital for the work you do!

We look forward to helping you continue to provide excellent customer service moving forward.

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