Support Report from GVL Customer Success

by Ali Oaks | April 27, 2020

Welcome to our monthly newsletter created by the Customer Success team to highlight seasonal trends, helpful hints, and GVL news.

A view from our desks (at home)

Last month the customer success team continued to hold strong case numbers, over 3,600 cases to be exact, and we remain very responsive to our customers.

Here’s a glimpse of how responsive our team is:

  • 90.7% of calls were answered in 30 seconds or less
  • Average time to first chat response was 22 seconds

In the month of April, we have started to see the effects of COVID-19. With the restrictions put on travel, veterinarians are writing fewer certificates. We will likely see a drop in case volume in the next month. As the current pandemic persists, our Customer Success team will still remain open during our normal business hours. We are eager to help customers with any questions they may have.

“With COVID affecting so much of the country, I have noticed that taking the time to talk with our customers has really helped both the customer and myself. Checking in on them while processing a payment or troubleshooting an issue has resulted in a lot of positive feedback, and also allows for some socialization I miss from being at the office with my co-workers.”

Morgan Thorpe, GVL customer success representative

Common questions we’re hearing

Q: “What effect does the USDA update have on EIA corrections?”

A: As of April 15, 2020, the USDA has updated their EIA (Equine Infectious Anemia) guidelines. This guidance includes new rules for correcting an already resulted EIA test (Coggins). Here is what we now recommend doing if changes need to be made to the finalized EIA test.

EIA tests can be re-resulted if they meet the following criteria per the USDA:

It is the request of the submitting veterinarian, the original EIA is voided, it is within 30-days of the blood draw/sample, it is NOT for change in ownership, and the changes do not substantially affect identification of the animal.

Here is how we recommend you proceed with correcting an already submitted EIA test:

  1. Edit the information so it shows correctly. For example, misspellings, animal or client names, locations, or wrong date of birth.
  2. Call the lab and inform them of the situation. Ensure the lab will re-result the EIA test.
  3. Void the EIA test with the incorrect information.
  4. Rewrite the EIA test and send it to the lab.

Learn more about the new EIA guidance in our help center.

Other GVL news you should know

GVL digital EIA tests are approved by the USDA for the new guidance updates. Learn more about the updates that have been made to our forms to help you stay compliant.