The GVL Pet TravelPass™ – Making Pet Travel a Breeze

by Rebecca Haugland | November 22, 2021

The GVL Pet TravelPass™

Making Pet Travel a Breeze

The GVL Pet TravelPass™ takes the anxiety and guesswork out of domestic and international pet travel. In under five minutes you can create 100% accurate pet travel certificates. Gone are the long nights of research and lost sleep worrying about the consequences of inaccurate travel certificates.

Do you have clients ready to travel internationally? Check out the GVL Pet TravelPass, with new supported countries, for easy creation of all the documentation your clients and their pets need for compliant travel.

“GlobalVetLink knows every veterinarian wants to feel confident doing what they do best, which is delivering a broad range of services to their clients,” stated Gary Ambrosino, CEO of GlobalVetLink. “The GVL Pet TravelPass eliminates the hours of research and preparation required to create accurate and compliant International Health Certificates for owners traveling with their pets. Our Pet TravelPass automates this process and gives veterinary practices a new and profitable service to offer to pet owners.”

What our customers are saying about the GVL Pet TravelPass:

  • “Really easy, helpful customer support, once you picked a location it told you everything you needed.”
  • “Intuitive process, so nice to be able to chat with customer support while creating certificates.”
  • “Amazingly easy, walks you through step by step, I know there’s help if I need it, you can do this!”

Got the Health Certificate Blues?

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