Dr. Frank Fluitt, GVL Customer of the Month

by Rebecca Haugland | May 2, 2019

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About Frank L. Fluitt, DVM

Dr. Frank Fluitt has spent the last 30 years working in performance horse medicine and surgery, but his experience goes even further back when he was a child helping his own veterinarian father spay and neuter pets.

“I have spent my entire life around veterinary medicine, as my father who is still a practicing veterinarian at age 83, shared his knowledge and experiences with me at an early age,” Dr. Fluitt explains.

Eventually Dr. Fluitt began his own mobile veterinarian practice in Texas, F Fluitt Performance Horse Medicine, and continues to care for all animals when called.

“Through building a large equine practice over the years I have developed lifetime friendships with many champion horse professionals from all over the world,” Dr. Fluitt says.

Stephanie, Dr. Fluitt’s wife of five years, describes her husband as a kind, humble “one man show” that helps everyone he can. She fondly remembers that “he’s taped together many broken turtle shells” and that “he’s even treated an ostrich over the phone.”

“He really cares about helping anyone and every animal that he can,” Stephanie commented. “Everyone who knows Frank describes him as a really good guy, and a really great vet.”

Being passionate about effective technologies for enhanced performance and improved recovery, the Fluitts also run F&S Equine Rehab and Fitness, Inc.

“Over the last few years with an increase of technology available, we have found that rehab and fitness are crucial for a horse’s enhanced performance,” Dr. Fluitt says.

How the Fluitts Stay Productive and Efficient

With both a mobile veterinary practice and an equine rehab business, Dr. Fluitt and Stephanie appreciate any tools that save time and improve efficiency. That’s why they use GVL for digital Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) Coggins tests and Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVIs / health certificates).

“For us, the GVL system is very beneficial for efficiency and time-savings,” says Stephanie. “We have all of our contacts and patients in the system, we can get photos and information offline to finish a certificate later, and we don’t have to drive to drop off any paper certificates.”

When working with returning customers or large groups of horses, Stephanie says the GVL platform saves her hours of time.

“Being able to pull information and photos right into the certificate and not starting from scratch every time makes Coggins and health papers so much easier,” Stephanie added.

The Fluitts also say they find digital photos helpful for clearly identifying which patient they’re working with, and appreciate the uniform format of GVL certificates.

“GVL certificates are always clear, organized and legible,” explains Stephanie. “We’ve seen situations where someone shows up at a track with a hand-written health paper that wasn’t legible, so they were turned away.”

Stephanie added that their clients appreciate the time savings from GVL, as well.

“Not only do our customers get their final certificates a lot faster with GVL — sometimes the next day — but they also always have their certificates when they need them,” says Stephanie. “If a customer does call in and needs a copy of their certificate, all we have to do is pull it up on our phone and hit send and they get it right away.”

Overall, the Fluitts feel that using digital certificates and email is beneficial to everyone in their business, including their patients.

We are honored that Dr. Fluitt and Stephanie choose GVL for their digital animal health needs, and we look forward to serving them and their clients.

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