Veterinary Health Certificates

Certificates of Veterinary Inspection/CVIs

GlobalVetLink takes the guesswork out of state movement requirements.

Veterinary Health Certificates, or Certificates of Veterinary Inspection, are official documents required by law when transporting animals domestically. Vet health certificates help prevent the spread of diseases by verifying that an animal has been inspected for illnesses by an accredited veterinarian and was found to comply with movement regulations.

GlobalVetLink provides CVI solutions for domestic travel for all species, as well as International Health Certificates and Hawaiian Health Certificates for international and Hawaii pet travel.

How long is a health certificate valid?

In most cases, a CVI is valid for 30 days after the date of issue. In cases of disease outbreaks, CVIs may need to be re-issued sooner than 30 days.

Easy health certificates. Yes, really.

Don't waste time figuring out state movement rules and staying up-to-date on travel policy changes. GlobalVetLink does it for you.

GlobalVetLink helps veterinarians support their clients' animal movements with easy-to-use software that creates complete health certificates, seamlessly and without error.

GVL Health Certificates:

  • Are approved for all US states and territories
  • Allow auto-fill client and animal information
  • Feature built-in state movement requirements
  • Enable immediate submission to state officials
  • Provide a secure alternative to 7001 forms
  • Are easily shared with clients online
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Vet with Horse over her shoulder

Extended Equine CVIs – 6 Month Health Certificates

GlobalVetLink provides a seamless digital solution for the Extended Equine Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (EECVI) program.

EECVIs function just like traditional animal health certificates, but last for six months and provide a better solution for frequent travelers with horses.

How do I obtain a veterinary health certificate?

Animal owners can obtain a veterinary health certificate through their veterinarian. Ask your vet how you can get started with digital animal health records through GlobalVetLink!

To find a veterinarian in your area, use our free Find-A-Vet search tool.

If your animal health practitioner is not listed, ask them to subscribe to GlobalVetLink, or contact us to let us know the clinic name, contact and location.

The GlobalVetLink platform keeps animal owners and livestock producers connected to their veterinarians and animal health records to improve animal wellness and ease pet travel and animal transport.

Free CE Webinar

Interstate Travel and Movement Compliance for Companion Animals

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • Necessary preparations for traveling with companion animals within the US and Internationally, including documentation, identification and testing requirements
  • Potential travel requirements and how they vary by destination and by carrier
  • How to ensure clients have what they need for compliant travel with companion animals