Digital Rabies Vaccination Certificates

The GlobalVetLink platform brings you quick, convenient rabies certificates.

Proof of rabies vaccination is required when traveling with animals in some states and countries. Rabies is a viral disease that spreads through the saliva of infected animals.

GlobalVetLink provides veterinarians and animal owners with a convenient and quick digital solution to rabies vaccination certificates.

Do all states require a rabies vaccination?

The short answer: no. While most states regulate the frequency of vaccinations and who may administer the rabies vaccination, there are some states that do not require their owner to vaccinate their pet for rabies. According to the AVMA the, “While some states have adopted statewide mandated vaccinations for dogs and cats against rabies, others delegate that decision to local governments such as counties. Some states only include rabies vaccination as a requirement for import into the state.”

How long are rabies certificates valid?

Some rabies vaccinations are valid for one year, while others are valid for three years. Many states require yearly rabies vaccinations for dogs, cats, ferrets and horses.

One platform for animal health documentation

Enjoy the convenience of digital rabies vaccination certificates for cats, dogs and horses through the GlobalVetLink platform.

  • Sign with secure e-signature technology
  • Load information from existing pet records
  • Share with clients online
  • Include with international pet travel documents

GlobalVetLink rabies vaccination certificate contains all data fields found on NASPHV Form 51.

Cat getting a checkup

GlobalVetLink Rabies Vaccination Certificate Sample

Cat leaving cage for travel

International Pet Travel

Get all the documents your clients need for international travel from the US in one place with GVL Pet TravelPass™.

  • Guides you through the entire travel process
  • Consolidates all travel documents in one place
  • Includes digital rabies certificate upload
  • Helps prevent errors and ensure compliance

How do I obtain a rabies certificate?

Ask your veterinarian if they offer GlobalVetLink rabies certificates for convenient and compliant domestic and international pet travel. To find a veterinarian in your area, use our free Find-A-Vet search tool.

If your animal health practitioner is not listed, ask them to subscribe to GlobalVetLink, or contact us to let us know the clinic name, contact and location.

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