GVL Pet TravelPass™

Making Domestic and International Pet Travel a Breeze

Introducing the GVL Pet TravelPass™

The new GVL Pet TravelPass takes the anxiety and guesswork out of domestic and international pet travel. Create 100% accurate pet travel certificates in under 5 minutes.

  • Fast. Create pet travel certificates in under 5 minutes with intuitive cloud-based software.
  • Automated. Always current compliance rules are built-in to eliminate manual research
  • Compliant. Achieve 100% compliance accuracy, every time
  • Revenue. Increase revenue with travel certificates and travel-related clinical services


Domestic Pet Travel

Easily create domestic health certificates

GVL digital Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVIs), also known as health certificates, help veterinarians keep their patients moving with easy-to-use software for complete, accurate certificates.

  • Approved for all US states and territories
  • Auto-fill client and animal information
  • Built-in state movement requirements
  • Immediate submission to state officials
  • Secure alternative to 7001 forms
  • Easily share with clients online

International Pet Travel

Create, validate and share compliant international pet travel documents

International travel certificates don’t have to be painful. Let GlobalVetLink help you create valid documents for international pet travel.

  • Don’t waste time researching requirements
  • Get the support you need, when you need it
  • Decrease errors and re-work by over 50%
  • Reduce paper use with cloud-based software
  • Ensure clients have the documents they need

“Amazingly easy, walks you through step by step, I know there’s help if I need it, you can do this!” – Dr. Deborah Breitstein, Animal Health Care of Marlboro, New Jersey

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